The RadixDLT network is secured using a new consensus algorithm called Cerberus, which includes Delegated Proof Of Stake (DPoS) to secure the network against sybil attacks.

As a delegator, staking XRD will allow you to reap rewards on your delegated stake - equal to about ~12.9% APY at the time of this writing. To get started and delegate your XRD, follow these simple steps.

Use the following steps to start staking to StakeUp:

  • StakeUp’s validator address for Radix is: rv1qg4uv34n86vsgttwsh85ccs2a9m79p7fegwhjsz600qc350ucvqvvqzaf9w
  • Open the RadixDLT Desktop Wallet software.
  • Send at least 100 XRD to your wallet address. The minimum stake is 90 XRD per transaction, plus at least 10 XRD for transaction fees.
  • Open the “Stake & Unstake” tab and insert StakeUps validator address (from above) in the “Validator” field:
  • Select the amount that you want to stake. Remember to leave at least one xrd unstaked for transaction fees. Press the “Stake” button and confirm your transaction.
  • Enjoy the non-custodial staking.

For more Radix staking options, click here.